Wednesday, October 12, 2016

BWP606M is now in France!

A few months ago, I went for a drive with Q639FAD with my father for passenger. He enjoyed it so much that he asked me to find him a Mosquito!
I then remembered that two or three years ago, Dave R., who owned BWP606M, told me he was thinking of selling his Mosquito. I got in touch with Dave and I was happy to know that the Mosquito was still in his garage. The deal was made between Dave and my father and last weekend, my father and I went to England to pick up BWP606M.
It was great to meet Dave and we had a great day. BWP606M is now in France and is the 4th Mosquito in the country with ABW5J, CWL127R and Q639FAD.
My father and I are going to finish the great restoration job started by Dave. 

Left to right: Phillipe (my father, new owner), Dave R. (previous owner) and me.

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