Wednesday, June 15, 2011

June, a lucky month for the Mosquito & Triad Register!

June seems to be a busy month for the Mosquito & Triad Register! Thanks to some enthusiasts, I've received informations and pictures of some missing cars.
First, one Triad has come to day thanks to Joe of He has picked up this car in a farm where it was stored for ages. The car has never been finished and Joe is now actively working on it to complete the car. Keep an eye on this page, it might be for sale soon... 
Click here to access to the page of E640NWP

Then, I've also received informations about two Mosquitos I heard about 4 years ago but I never succeed in getting pictures of them or informations. These Mosquitos are GWL208S and GWL608S.
I've learnt that GWL208S had been sold a few years ago and nobody knows what happened to it then.
Things are more interesting for GWL608S. After being stored for the last 27 years, it's now out of the garage and will be soon back on the roads! It's actually for sale... Have a look on if you wanna grab a bargain...
Click here to access to the page of GWL608S

Thursday, June 2, 2011

New pictures of the Demonstrator

I've received today some more pictures of the Demonstrator. Unfortunately, I still haven't got any registration number which could have helped me in getting informations about this mystery car...
Click here to access to the page of the Demonstrator